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This blog came to life when I became a mother and found that I was desperately seeking out ways to make the world better for my child (who doesn’t want that for their kids, right?). In August 2017, I started a mom blog called The Razzle Dazzle Mommy because I learned a hard lesson, and I was compelled to write about it.

Together we can change the world

Happy New Year! I know, I know, it is January 11th.. The French have the custom of saying Happy New Year the entire month of January, so Bon Année!

Though 2018 was a year of joy and exciting changes, it was also filled with struggles and some really low lows that I am glad to leave behind. I am 2018-fatigued. I am forced to reset, look inward, look outward and reevaluate how I’m moving through life.

2018 got me like..

In 2018, I continued my health battle with spine and joint degeneration, which results in chronic pain.  I struggled to find myself as a human being through the fog of that.  The current United Stated political climate continues to add to to my anxiety and sadness, as it has many sane Americans, and the world.  Grief swept over my family, again this year, when my wonderful, sweet great-aunt died.  I felt lost.  It all felt like too much!  I lost my joy.. that’s not good.  It is the loneliest I’ve ever felt.  I had to lift myself out of a pretty deep hole.  It was time to produce a new perspective, so I could get back to producing this beautiful life.

Six years ago, I chose to abandon New Year’s resolutions & try a more productive approach. I choose a word to guide my year. It must be one that I can apply to all areas of my life, and it has been an awesome way to go through my year. In the past, I’ve chosen:






This year, my word is Produce. Produce optimal health. Produce stronger communication in my marriage (Who doesn’t need that, amiright?!). Produce a book (or 2). Produce Love. Produce a blog that people will fall in love with and can relate to. Produce stronger relationships. Produce opportunities for my daughter to reach her potential.  Produce community interaction & involvement.  Produce change. Produce joy.

These Words guide me and set intention where I may be lacking, but – unlike resolutions – they keep it positive and propel me to places yet unexplored and expand on what is already working for me. I’ve created spaces for creativity and my business, grown my family and learned better communication skills and knitting.  I didn’t fully appreciate it in 2018, but I nourished a new friendship/partnership with my friend and coauthor, Susan Bro, and met opportunities that I had only dreamed of before.

That’s what choosing a Word does for me; it opens my eyes to things I might otherwise miss.  It helps me to reach my potential without all the rules that might otherwise set me up for failure.  I feel like that Word is my friend, keeping me company on my journey.  It makes me realize I am, in fact, capable of achieving all the things I hope for.

Moving into 2019 like..

I am so excited and ready for all that comes with it! It feels good to have a plan that feels totally doable. That’s the key, really. I have been down on myself for not handling some things with grace. I am reclaiming my grace, and using it, even in times of adversity.

So cheers to a a productive 2019!

What’s your word for the year?  Leave me a comment & tell me.

P.S. Dear 2018,

Bitch, bye.

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11 thoughts on “My Word of the Year”

  1. It felt, Real. You’re Growing. Thinking. Loving. Caring. Sharing. Thank you!

    You inspired me last year to chose a word. My word this year is INSPIRE. To be inspired in spite of anything. In spite of aging (whose neck is that on the mirror?), aches and pains, and the ever present weight I should lose to feel better. In spite of my continued quest to clean house. In spite of a political climate that I find revolting.

    And to find joy, I’m hoping to be inspired by aging, inspired by my aches and pains and weight to improve, inspired by the piles and messes to daily attack a small doable piece.

    From in spite to inspire!

  2. Mine, and I believe for the church, is RADICAL. (It comes with all sorts of endings: Radical Hospitality, Radical Generosity, Radical Worship, Radical BLESSINGS! So watch out! It’s coming…and it’s Radically Amazing! Love you!

    1. TheRazzleDazzleMommy

      Woo Hoo!! Let’s move some mountains around here! We’re going to produce some radical miracles this year! Love you too!

  3. This is wonderful and a very new idea to me. I make no resolutions too but choosing a word and applying it in life is more sensible.
    You are amazing and I am learning a lot from you. Love you!

  4. I wrote Beginnings on my blackboard yesterday. I have to decide if that is my word or not. I like this idea! And I like you. Love Fancy

  5. Hi Lola…that’s a lovely blog post…..I think I remember you as a very small girl….did you ever live in Oxford, England? I think my mother used to babysit you sometimes….this would have been about 1980ish…

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