GloZell Green Went Whimsy & Fun, With An Important Message

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This blog came to life when I became a mother and found that I was desperately seeking out ways to make the world better for my child (who doesn’t want that for their kids, right?). In August 2017, I started a mom blog called The Razzle Dazzle Mommy because I learned a hard lesson, and I was compelled to write about it.

Together we can change the world

Last Fall, I walked into my daughter’s tumbling class and spied a beautiful little girl with eyes that were a thousand years old. I found her mom, gushed about her child, and then that mom became my friend. It wasn’t too long before I learned that this wonderful and kind woman, GloZell Green, is a hilariously funny comedienne, YouTube star (The Queen of YouTube, actually), and author of the acclaimed book “Is You Okay?”.

Since then, whenever I need a laugh, I watch GloZell’s videos. Then, something happened… Glozell asked me to be in one of her videos – and I always jump at the chance to do silly and fun things! Everyone should, I think. So I said yes, of course I would!

I had no idea what the end result would be, but with an amazing cast of change makers from F* Revolution, she made a fun, whimsical, strange and thought-provoking video, with a very important message. I am honored to have been a part of it. Click here to see it!

Don’t forget to click ‘like’ and subscribe to her YouTube channel, as well as @Glozell on all social media. And get her book! I could not put it down.

Thank you, GloZell, for including me in this. I’ll be your fairy god Vagina any time!


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