This is a safe place for the people who are searching for a place where they can draw inspiration from change makers. It is dedicated to the people who underestimated me, and you.  It is for the people who lived their Truth out loud, and gave me the courage to do the same. 

Raising A Baby Activist came to life as a series on The Razzle Dazzle Mommy, which I started in 2017. when I became a mother and found that I was desperately seeking out ways to make the world better for my child (who doesn’t want that for their kids, right?

As the landscape of the world took more notable (and terrifying) turns than ever before, I began to seek out activists and change makers. I requested interviews, people accepted, and the topics of my blog began to shift. Before I knew it, they were granting me those interviews, so that I could share their journeys, their causes and, most importantly, their advice to all of us about how we can work together to make real change. Raising A Baby Activist began as a series on RDM, but I quickly realized that these posts needed their own space that was not just for parents. This blog is for everyone who wants these things.

I am passionate about the need for change and I have some very strong opinions. I’m a sappy and sarcastic lover of humanity. Cruelty and injustice make my blood boil, while unity and equality make my heart sing and are what I know in my bones will bring our world back to sanity. Being a mother was the driving force that brought me here. 

So, here we are, and here I go. I am taking my love of writing, my deep appreciation to those who have inspired me to be involved in activism since I was a young child, and my feeling of great responsibility to do my part, and bringing it all here. In doing so, I hope that it will make even a small difference in inspiring my readers to take heart and take action. 
There are lots of great things on the horizon. Please join me on this journey by subscribing so that you get new posts via email and you won’t miss a thing. I look forward to seeing you on the front lines, and to hearing from you as this journey continues.